Detectives Division

Detective Unit

The Detective is responsible for conducting further investigation of serious incidents reported to the police department and follow up on investigations initiated by the patrol force. The Detective is also called upon to thoroughly investigate incidents of criminal wrong doing at the request of the Police Chief, the Lieutenant or the District Attorney’s office. The realm of criminal investigations includes gathering information, interviewing involved parties or participants and the processing of crime scenes, including examination and cataloging of evidence.

The Detective plays an integral role in assisting the Commonwealth with the prosecution of criminal cases. The Detective develops and maintains active relationships with other law enforcement agencies, local, state and federal prosecution agencies, several social service organizations, local government agencies and the school district. These partnerships assist the detective in bringing criminal cases to prosecution and ultimate conclusion.

Officer Paul O’Brien is the Detective for the Hanson Police Department. He is also charged with maintaining the Sex offender registry. Detective O’Brien has undergone a variety of specialized training to assist him in his investigative duties. If you have information that may assist Detective O’Brien, he may be reached at (781) 293-4625 Monday through Friday (8am – 4pm).