Patrol Unit

The Patrol personnel of the Hanson Police Department are the primary responders to crimes, calls for service and assistance.  Every Patrol Officer works under the direct supervision of a Patrol Sergeant to protect life and property, preserve public order, provide public assistance, protect civil rights and enforce criminal and motor vehicle laws.  Patrol Officers are required to respond to all types of calls.  The severity of calls range from barking dog complaints to robberies and homicides.

Every Hanson Police Officer begins their career as a Patrol Officer.  Officers are required to go through an extensive and demanding training program at the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council Academy.  This rigorous training program prepares an Officer for the wide variety of situations, to which they are expected to respond.

Patrol Officers are in constant contact with the public.  Most likely, the first person you will see when you call the police will be a Patrol Officer.  In most cases, Patrol Officers will handle the situation themselves.  In some serious situations, a superior officer or a Detective will arrive to assist or begin an in depth investigation.

Many Officers are assigned to special duties in addition to their patrol duties and frequently “change hats” to perform these duties.  All Officers of the Hanson Police Department are competent and dedicated to the patrol function of the department.  The men and women of the Hanson Police Department take great pride in serving our community.