Hanson Police Department Personnel
Updated: June 19, 2014

Administrative Personnel
Michael Miksch, Chief Of Police
Nancy J. King, Executive Assistant to Police Chief
Joseph P. Yakavonis, Lieutenant / Executive Officer

Eugene K. Andrews, Sergeant
Michael D. Casey, Sergeant

Patrol Officers
Richard C. Nawazelski, Police Officer/ D.A.R.E. & Student Safety Officer
Brian F. Watson, Police Officer
Michelle D. Hughes, Police Officer / Court Prosecutor
Paul D. O’Brien, Detective
Peter F. Calogero, Police Officer
Kevin C. McCarthy, Police Officer / Firearms Instructor
Douglas S. Smith Jr., Police Officer
Jeffrey A. Bailey, Police Officer / Firearms Licensing
Marc F. Vigneau, Police Officer
William F. Frazier Jr., Police Officer / School Resource Officer
Peter R. Daley, Police Officer
Daniel C. Godwin, Police Officer
Michael A. Bearce, Police Officer
Leo Arseneau, Police Officer
Sarah Fantasia, Police OfficerElisha Sullivan , Police Officer


Stephanie T. Lenihan, Dispatcher
Christina Manning, Dispatcher
Derrick Harrington, Dispatcher
Teresa Fitch, Dispatcher

Part-time Dispatchers
Jason Dernier, Part-time Dispatcher
Robert Figgins, Part-time Dispatcher

Kevin Dykes, Dispatcher
Ryan Bailey, Dispatcher
Jeffrey McKinnon, Dispatcher

Part-time/Auxiliary Officers

Ronald T. Clark, Part-time officer
Andrew C. Gilbert, Part-time officer
Algernon Queen, Auxiliary officer 
Richard J. Nawazelski, Part-time officer
Tracey R. Manter, Part-time officer