Administrative Personnel

Michael Miksch, Chief of Police

Michael D. Casey, Lieutenant / Executive Officer

Nancy J. King, Executive Assistant to Chief of Police



Eugene K. Andrews, Sergeant

Peter R. Daley, Sergeant

Michael A. Bearce, Sergeant

Peter F. Calogero, Sergeant

Patrol Officers

Michelle D. Hughes, Police Officer / Court Prosecutor

Paul D. O’Brien, Detective

Kevin C. McCarthy, Police Officer / Firearms Instructor

Douglas S. Smith Jr., Police Officer

Marc F. Vigneau, Police Officer

William F. Frazier Jr., Police Officer / D.A.R.E. & Student Safety Officer

Daniel C. Godwin, Police Officer

Leo Arseneau, Police Officer

Elisha Sullivan , Police Officer

Jared Meegan, Police Officer

Derek Harrington, Police Officer

Benjamin Ford, Police Officer

Christopher Dominguez, Police Officer

Brent Peterson, Police Officer


Part-time/Auxiliary Officers

James Perron, Part-time Officer

Brian Watson, Part-time Officer

Ronald T. Clark, Part-time Officer

Richard J. Nawazelski, Part-time Officer

Richard J. Nawazelski Jr., Part-time Officer

Nicholas Konarski, Part-time Officer



Stephanie T. Lenihan, Dispatcher

Christina Manning, Dispatcher

Teresa Fitch, Dispatcher

David Munn, Dispatcher


Part-time Dispatchers

Robert Figgins, Part-time Dispatcher

Jeffrey McKinnon, Part-time Dispatcher

Christopher Huyghe, Part-time Dispatcher

Corey Arseneau, Part-time Dispatcher

A.J Glynn, Part-time Dispatcher