The “Are You O.K.?” program is a free computerized telephone calling system service provided by Hanson Police, Hanson Senior Center and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and is designed for older adults, disabled persons and shut-ins who live alone.

How it works…

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department has a computer that makes the telephone call to individual homes at a certain time of the day(s). If the phone is not picked up or is busy, then the computer will call back in fifteen minutes. If the phone is not picked up the second time or is st1l1 busy, then the Hanson Police Department is dispatched immediately. This service is designed to make the call(s) at the same time each day. If an individual goes on vacation, or to a doctor’s appointment they can stop the call(s) as long as necessary.

To begin this service you can fill out an application or may make a referral to the Hanson Multi-Service Senior Center at (781) 293-2683 or contact Officer Derek Harrington at the police department (781) 293-4625.

This is a Free service!

The Are You O.K.? Program could save your life or the life of your loved one.

The Are You O.K? Program is offered in partnership with the Hanson Police Department, the Hanson Multi-Service Senior Center and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department. Hanson is committed to the “Are You O.K?” Program because it works. It saves lives and links the community and those in need directly to the service(s) available. An application form is available for download at the link below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print the form. Acrobat Reader is available free at the link below. Fill out the form and submit it at the Hanson Police Station or the Hanson Senior Center.

Download & Print PDF: Are You OK Application