During the latter part of 2003 the police department embarked on a partnership known as TRIAD with Hanson’s senior community, under the guidance and direction of Mary Collins, Executive Director of Elder Affairs. The acronym TRIAD conceptualizes a partnership between three entities: Law Enforcement, Senior citizens and support services (Fire Department, Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office, and citizen volunteers). This group strives to reduce crimes committed against seniors, and to reduce the unwarranted fear of crime that seniors often experience. Many activities are undertaken throughout the year to accomplish this mission.

Since the adoption of the TRIAD agreement, a local SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together), Council has been established. This local SALT Council which includes seniors from the community, works closely with the Council for Elder Affairs and the police department to help ensure that public safety professionals and volunteers coalesce their energy so as to reduce crimes committed against the elderly, increase crime reporting among this population segment and positively impact on quality of life issues for seniors.

Officer Derek Harrington serves as the police department’s liaison to the SALT Council, having worked successfully with Hanson’s seniors in past endeavors. He can be contacted, at (781) 293-4625.