Court Prosecutor


Officer Michelle Hughes is assigned as the court prosecutor for the Hanson Police Department. Officer Hughes facilitates case preparation for all criminal cases emanating from the police department. She prosecutes the majority of the cases in the first session at Plymouth District Court and the Juvenile Session in Plymouth. Officer Hughes works closely with the District Attorney’s Office on cases requiring various motions and appeals. Additionally, she represents the Hanson Police Department on all motor vehicle traffic citation hearings.

Officer Hughes can be reached by contacting (781) 293-4625 ext. 238, 8am – 4pm
or by email:

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Court Contact phone numbers:

Plymouth District Court, Clerk’s Office: (508) 747-0500, ext. 308
Plymouth District Court, District Attorney’s Office: (508) 747-4182
Plymouth District Court, Juvenile Session: (508) 747-2962

Wareham District Court, Clerk’s Office: (508) 295-8300
Wareham District Court, District Attorney’s Office: (508) 295-5200

Brockton Superior Court, Clerk’s Office: (508) 583-8250
Brockton -District Attorney’s Office: (508) 584-8120

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