ATVs in PolicingThe ATV Patrol Unit was developed and implemented in April 2001 in response to problems identified through community input and analysis of calls for service regarding trespassing of recreational vehicles and damage to agricultural property.  All terrain vehicles enable officers to patrol agricultural areas, conservation land, undeveloped land and respond to emergencies in areas that are inaccessible by other vehicles.

The unit consists of eleven officers.  Each officer has attended a rigorous training program established by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council.  The training program addresses operation and safety of the ATV, recreational vehicle laws and officer safety tactics.

Sergeant Michael Bearce is responsible for the deployment of the unit.  The unit deploys two officers, each on a 2001 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. all terrain vehicle.  The ATVs are equipped with first-aid and rescue equipment.  While patrolling, officers aggressively enforce recreational vehicle and trespassing laws.  For more information about the ATV Patrol Unit, contact Lieutenant Michael Casey or Sergeant Michael Bearce. For information about recreational vehicle laws go to the Mass Environmental Police web site here.