Bike Patrol

PNG_SThe Hanson Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit was established in 2001.  Officers Brian WatsonMichelle HughesPaul O’Brienand Kevin McCarthy are assigned to the Unit.  The Bicycle Patrol Unit is deployed routinely to patrol the several neighborhoods and business areas of Hanson.

All officers assigned to the unit have received C.O.B.W.E.B. training. C.O.B.W.E.B is a nationally recognized training regimen specific to bicycle patrol operations. The Bicycle Patrol Unit is designed to get the patrol officer out of the cruiser and make him or her more accessible to citizens. Officers assigned to this patrol park their police vehicles at a pre-determined location. The officers remove their bicycles from the rack on the rear of their cruiser and patrol a specified area. The officer is encouraged to make contact with residents and citizens. Should the officer receive a call to respond to a location that is not in the immediate area of his/her bike patrol, he or she will return the their cruiser, load the bike, and travel to the call.

bikepatrolThis program accomplishes a number of goals. First, officers are given opportunities to interact with young people in non-adversarial situations. Second, officers on bicycles are more apt to develop positive relationships with residents and residents are more apt to discuss problems and report crimes or nuisances. Officers on bicycles are not as visible as an officer in a cruiser. If a potential criminal is looking for a marked police cruiser to patrol by, the officer on the bicycle has an added measure of surprise.