Sexual Assault Investigation Unit

The Hanson Police Department has seven officers that have been trained as Sexual Assault Investigators. Due to the very sensitive nature of sexual assault crimes, investigators undergo an extensive training program at the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Academy. The training covers all types of sexual assaults, including rape, indecent assault & battery and child pornography.

If a sexual assault has just occurred, call 911. A Police Officer will be immediately dispatched to your location to assure your safety. A sexual assault investigator will be notified to investigate the report expeditiously.

Officer Michelle Hughes is the officer in charge of the sexual assault unit. If you have any questions or concerns about sexual assaults or you are unsure what types of assault or inappropriate touching are considered sexual assaults or other criminal activity, you can direct your inquiry to Officer Michelle Hughes at 781-293-4625 ext 238 or by email here.

If you have been sexually assaulted, remember, reporting a sexual assault may lessen the chances of it happening to others. And regardless of whether or not a criminal complaint is sought, there are many support services available to you.

Here are some general guidelines for victims of sexual assaults:

If the Assault Occurred Recently…
If the Assault Occurred Some Time Ago...
If someone you know has been sexually assaulted…
Sexual Assault is Never the Victim’s Fault. Resources are here for You. Believe in Yourself. Get Support. It Takes Time to Heal.
Other Important Resources & Contact Information


WOMAN’S PLACE (24 hour hotline for sexual assault) 508-588-8255

Brockton Hospital Emergency Room 508-941-7400